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Just another Companion
26 July 2010 @ 09:46 pm
First LJ post on this account. Momentous occaision? I think not.

For those who can't tell just because of the name or icons, I'm a Doctor Who affecionado. My usual journal need not be cluttered with all this ranting I have, so I decided to create a place just for that.

Other than my minor introduction, I plan to keep a small running tally of what Doctor Who I have seen, listened to or read. It seems only fair to keep track due the work my friends go through to get some of this stuff to me.

The list will of course be behind a cut, so no worries on lengthening your friends page. I do hope I manage to get at least a few Doctor Who fans here to discuss things with me. There is a severe lack of interest in Arizona, and I could use some stimulus.

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Just another Companion
05 September 2007 @ 08:05 pm
Home related ranting in a journal?? Unheard of!

At least for this one. This was supposed to be free of all this, but i suppose not.

I really do hate meeting people online. You think you know them, and they stab you in the back. Surprised it didn't happen sooner. I'll have to ask my friend to log onto his journal... I have som research to do when I get home tonight.... It may be underhanded, and probably won;t reveal a thing, but I have to statisfy my curiosity that my internet 'reputation' isn't going down in flames without me being able to defend it first.

I hate life sometimes.....
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Just another Companion
03 September 2007 @ 05:13 pm
No series in 2009... but at least we have specials?

Maybe we'll get more multi-doctor. (a girl can hope XD)

Back to my regularly scheduled marathon :DCollapse )
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Just another Companion
15 August 2007 @ 12:11 am
I need to update my "Watched List".

I recently went and purchased The Beginnings box set, Spearhead from Space and The Three Doctors on dvd, The Key to Time box set and The Two Doctors on dvd. This past weekend was spent watching all of them. I must say that I enjoyed seeing the first Romana very much. She has some excellent lines throughout the season. It was also nice to find out exactly why the Doctor started using a randomizer in his travels.

Seeing William Hartnell was a great treat. He was truly an excellent Doctor. I stand by my statement that The Beginnings is worth the money.

I purchased Spearhead from Space because I had seen the whole Silurians story and wanted to see Pertwee's first. Love the man. His recovery from the regeneration was quite entertaining, especially the grabbing and clinging to of the shoes. His attempt to escape was amusing to say the least.

I already wrote up an opinion on The Two Doctors, seems I enjoyed it enough to buy it. I really must get a hold of more Colin Baker...

The Three Doctors I saw ages ago as my friend has the VHS, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to own it myself, hence the purchase.

We still have a few of the special features to go through though.. that will take a bit of time... The Patrick interview is love ♥

I suppose thats all the update for now. Nothing major to say about anything except that I really do love Tom Baker as the Doctor.. but then again, so does half of the Americans who know what I'm saying..
Just another Companion
09 August 2007 @ 11:19 pm
Finished the 'Unearthly Child' story last night. I'm definitely glad I picked up the Beginnings box set, well worth the overall money spent.

It was fun picking out the differences between the pilot episode and the other episode shown, and how the differences effected the rest of the episodes. We had great fun pointing out continuity issues.

As for the story, it wasn't the best. I think I rolled my eyes a couple times. However, I did enjoy it as a whole. Actually seeing Susan and Ian and Barbara was a treat, though I will always giggle at Barbara's hair.... Hartnell plays an excellent Doctor and sets the stage for the future with his portrayal. It's is an interesting contrast, comparing the First Doctor with my first Doctor. I have still yet to determine a favorite.

Next up is the rest of the first three stories, Dalek and Edge of Destruction. Those as well as some later works [Tom Baker Era] should be completed this weekend.
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Just another Companion
07 August 2007 @ 07:16 pm
Finished watching 'The War Games' again. I do so enjoy a good Troughton story. It is a shame it was his last.

Historical type stories in Doctor Who have an interesting appeal, but this one takes the cake as being a wonderful mix of historically significant events and the meddling of an alien race. The concept of war games is nothing new, but to see it taken to the level of this story served very well to latch you into the story.

Starting off in what seemed to be a perfectly normal war, watching the Doctor and his companions be accused of espionage and desertion and be sentenced to death all lead to finally uncovering an alien plot to conquer the universe [hmm... seems almost familiar]

As always, I have much love for the interactions of Jaime and Zoe Jaime being put in charge was highly entertaining, especially with how he tried so hard to seem tough and still ended up relying on Zoe.

I also enjoyed seeing the Time Lords, this being the earliest appearance I have personally witnessed. The looks exchanged during the trial at the end always seem to get me grinning. I feel a bit sorry for the Doctor though, knowing he faces the use of a regeneration and exile on Earth until after the whole deal with Omega...

Aside from the departure of Patrick, I find that The War Games is always a good watch, a great tribute to the end of Patrick Troughton's era and the beginning of a new Doctor Who.
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Just another Companion
06 August 2007 @ 05:33 am
Todays Doctor Who adventure was 'The Two Doctors'. Having seen so very little of Colin Baker's Doctor, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised.

Starting off in black and white with two old friends, the Second Doctor and Jaime, was a perfect start for me. I'm quite the fan of that era. Jaime is a wonderful lad. The fade into color made me squee just a little bit inside, though I must admit a bit of a giggle at poor Patrick's gray head.

Colin plays a wonderful eccentric little man. I understand that a good number of fans don't like him, but I think he's wonderful[in his own way]. I definitely need to see more of him and Sylvester so I can do a more accurate list of my favorite Doctors. Peri on the other hand, only impresses me in the fact that she still puts up with the man. Still not sure what to think of her.

The story line was amusing to say the least, I do so enjoy seeing the Sontarans and was very amused at the Doctor's genetic changes. I wish I had such an appetite! That food sounded absolutely delicious!

The Two Doctors gets an 8/10, and a definite place on my Would Watch Again List. Lets hope Colin doesn't let me down in the future.
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Just another Companion
30 July 2007 @ 09:48 pm
Finished listening to my first Eighth Doctor audio adventure, Scherzo. I think I'll need to listen from the start of the adventures, as I need to know a bit more about Charley.

The adventure itself was interesting, especially as I love the Eighth Doctor. The adventure did deal a little on the last few stories, at least with reffering to past events. I like the whole presentation and style of the story. Very well done and easy to follow. It does a lot to make me look forward to more adventures.

I will say that the bit I've read and listened to of this Doctor, I find a bit too many mentions of romance. As it is what most makes me roll my eyes in the new series, I'm not sure what to make of it. Hearing the Doctor actually admit loving someone just seems weird. I do hope Charley sticks with him for a while, or this lovey-dovey stuff is going to make me pull my hair out.
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